Nocturnes & other songs Op​.​2

by The Wooden Wolf

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released December 5, 2013

1 Palace of sin 2 Something in the ground 3 Intermezzo (above the skies) 4 Oh let me be 5 When your body takes 6 She is like a song 7 Only someone burning 8 Wouldn't they be flying / the Devil is a woman 9 Your drinking shoulder 10 Black Velvet 11 Crumpled pages 12 Molina's blues



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The Wooden Wolf France

La musique de The Wooden Wolf, profondément sincère, est une musique des espaces. Qu'ils soient grands et sauvages, petits et intimistes, il en absorbe les détails et en comble le vide. C'est une musique introspective qui nourrit des textes à fleur de prose. Sa sensibilité, fait toute la saveur de ses compositions : une sensibilité aussi unique qu'universelle. ... more

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Track Name: Palace of Sin
In a church with you hiding
I guess I would stay
And if your chest was the pulpit
I guess I would pray

And the whole stoup I would drink
And I'd be drunk with faith
And I'd holler "Amen ! Thank God for your breath"
Your holy breath on my skin

But you're just a little child
Dropped off in a basket
On a big river and became stranded
On the banks of my bed

In a church with you singing
I guess I would come
And if your song was a moan
I guess I'd succumb

To my palace of sin

I'd get blisters on my knees
From kneelin' and prayin' please be mine [And in your little
tin box] I'd put in some pennies
For the candles I'd light

And a little red light will glow
In my palace of sin
And a little red light will glow
In my palace of sin

In my palace of skin
Track Name: Something in the ground
My tired fingers brought me here
Kneelin', diggin' dirt and fear
There's a smell & there's a sound
There's something in the ground

Tonight the stars reduce us back to nothing
Oh but I know we exist
They're glancin' up above my shoulder
"What am I doin' here" it's like they wonder

With a moon so low any star would shine
And this is why you do
This is why you do

But I don't need your love around
Cause I don't need your pride around
There's somehting in the ground
It's hidin' in the ground

Dirty fingernails won't let go
Broken fingernails won't give up
Track Name: Intermezzo (above the skies)
And I'm milky and I'm sweet
You're like honey you have me close my eyes
I got love in my tummy
I got oceans that dance above the skies

I get dirty but It's fun
I get muddy but the sun is out
And I'm hungry and I'm tossed
But I'm not empty I ain't lost it all
Track Name: Oh let me be
I gave up on you
Where you gave all to me
Now what can I do
To have you
Let go of me

Cause I, I let go of you
When you, you'd go on with me
Why can't you see
That I let you be
So don't you let me be too
Oh let me be
Track Name: When your body takes
When your body takes
Mine is a-leavin'
When your body shakes
Mine is a-fadin'

But it's my body breaking
When yours is asleep
It's my body aching
And yours don't ever weep

When your moon is rising
And I'm all engulfed
I see the horizon
But you draw my gun

My body's resting
When yours is at war
I'm no good for wrestling
I'm scared of what you are

Now the night is too slow
And the white is graying
Your eyes are too low
For the light to hit in

You once were a beggar
Now you're a crook
And you feel so much better
Not ashamed of what you took

When your body peaks
Mine is ashamed
It's numb and it's weak
When your blood is aflame

But it's my body bleeding
When yours is away
It's my body needing
But yours don't ever pay
Track Name: She is like a song
There's a great deal of lights
In the city tonight
And I smoke them all

There's a great deal of stars
In the sky of this bar
And I drink them all

And she is like a song
As she's walking along
The room

Oh boy ! for a second to sing it
And to my room I'd bring it [back
The memory of it

But I'm scared of this mouth
The scar of those lips
It might open again

I'm afraid of those sighs
They're frail when she dies
In my hands

And she is like a song
And not a single note is wrong
And I hum

Oh boy ! for a second to sing it
And I'd carry it back to my room
The memory of it

The memory of when I sang this song
Track Name: Only someone burning
Only someone burning could have me burn along
Would have to be slow, though
To help us last for long

Only someone raining would have me drown along
Would have to be a hard rain, though
To be wet for long

I'd love her in the kitchen
I'd love her on the tiles
I'd love her on the oven
And her muffins would burn meanwhile

That one's a perfect circle growing within me
Oh and I love her shape
But she's stealing my corners away

Oh yes I love her shape
But she's eating my angles
She's breaking my ankles
And I never thought I'd tremble
For a circle so plain

Okay I'll love her in the
I'll tremble on the tiles
I'll shiver on the table
And the pie will burn in the meantime
Track Name: Wouldn't they be flying/The Devil is a woman
You and I were the coolest birds
And I wear our war feathers
Alone in the nest
And the rain, the rain's on everyone
But it don't wet the same
Wouldn't they be flyin'
Wouldn't they be flyin'

The devil is a woman
And I'm scared to die in her hands
The devil is a woman
And I fear for my blood
Track Name: Your drinking shoulder
We wallow in our pints of beer
And why we do it ain't exactly clear

But we keep doin' it along the years
I guess it helps you muffling up your fears

I got a flask that we could share right here
If you could only stay with me my dear

It's easier holding back your tears
Amongst the larks, the clinking and the cheers

I'll be your drinking shoulder
When you're kneeling sad and bitter
Oh when you're feelin' down

Just open up another
Bottle you'll be glad and better
Oh when you're feelin' down

Drinking makes me suffer and reveal
The pain, yeah but it keeps me real

Have you ever been broken hard and slow
Then tell me what about the healin'

Staring at the ceiling, filling up a glass
The one that'll make me kneel

One more last drop of poison trying to move me
And change the way I feel
Track Name: Black Velvet
Let your cheek onto mine
And your hand in my hand
Make those promises you'll break at dawn
And let us sigh till then

Let the rain on the town
Gently weep
Let the clouds on the night
Be your wings

Clouded in black velvet
Clouded in black velvet

Let the light take your hand
Into dark velvet
Let the night be your friend
In her black cloak

Let the emptiness dance around you
And fill you up
Let it wrap you up in
Her famous warm coat

Shrouded in black velvet
Shrouded in black velvet
Track Name: Crumpled pages
There's a bottle full of answers by your bed
But you won't drink
Cause you like your empty head
And the taste of thirst

In that book that's full of hopes
There ain't a single line you'll read
And you pass it on to me
You won't cope first

But I've read enough, the crumpled pages of our nights
Track Name: Molina's blues
The stars are so many
But it's a desperate glow
They look so lonely to me

Cause they don't know each other
They just burn and beam all over

They're wearing their best smile
But they've been there a while

No one ever came to them and say
"baby you're my light"

They burn hard
But they burn too far

Now I know who burns up there
Now I know who burns up there
Now I know who burns up there