"Moonlight Serenades Op​.​4"

by The Wooden Wolf

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Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall thumbnail
Alex Marshall If Op.2 was 'Emotion', then this one is 'Soul'. Enough said. Favorite track: Thieves in the trees.
wonderdog thumbnail
wonderdog Fantastic - great depth of emotion.
jean claude karle
jean claude karle thumbnail
jean claude karle Tout aussi excellent que les deux premiers albums. Des mélodies sublimes, qui vous trottent dans la tête toute la journée. Le tout rehaussé sur certains morceaux par une slide guitare et un violoncelle magnifique de justesse et de discrétion. Une douce mélancolie qui vous fait chaud au coeur. J'espère que The Wooden Wolf trouvera rapidement une large audience digne de son immense talent... Favorite track: Goodbye serenade.
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released May 14, 2015



all rights reserved


The Wooden Wolf France

La musique de The Wooden Wolf, profondément sincère, est une musique des espaces. Qu'ils soient grands et sauvages, petits et intimistes, il en absorbe les détails et en comble le vide. C'est une musique introspective qui nourrit des textes à fleur de prose. Sa sensibilité, fait toute la saveur de ses compositions : une sensibilité aussi unique qu'universelle. ... more

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Track Name: September blue
I want to be in the rain
I want to be in your hands
In the light that shines in the end of summertime
You’d hold my breath against your thighs
Keep my will against your sighs
Have me slip within the shadow where you lie

You would come to me at night
Blue dripping from your mouth
And you’d color up the canvas of my bed
Oh girl I love my dream
Don’t mess it up with green
Don’t try to make it real, not now, not yet
Track Name: Goodbye serenade
Well I’m looking at you and you’re beautiful
Maybe even prettier than when I met you
But your beauty now is so far away
In the night

I don’t smell your skin anymore but the memory of it on your dress
And I don’t see your heart but the pride of your breasts
I don’t feel your lips anymore but the numbness
Of mine

Now what comes after the fall
A winter lullaby
And I whisper in the night
A moonlight serenade
Just to stammer goodbye
And I holler in the night
Just to hold up your pain
That if the shivers are gone
Well some feelings remain

As I won’t have the guts to hang around
But as I won’t have the guts either just to leave town
We will be haunting one another
All year around

And each season that fades
Reminds me of this lullaby
That I whispered in the night
A moonlight serenade
Just to stammer goodbye
And I hollered in the night
Just to hold up your pain
That if the shivers were gone
Well some feelings remained
And well they still remain
Track Name: Slow moving dreams
Why can’t you peacefully look at yourself in the mirror, girl
Instead of spying yourself with these quick glances and wait for a miracle
You can't just go on like that, sitting with melancholy purring on your lap
Just petting the gap between you and yourself

Well you might be offended as I lick your wound But I like it my friend
And it might be intended that you will never heal But I’m here to kneel

Oh I know it is raining on the page that you’re reading now
And the words they’re all blurry and you lose the meaning now, of it all
Whether you were writing or reading those words, they’re all fading now
Yes, they’re crying away (in the sky of your dreams)

In your slow moving dreams Where you’re not alone Where you flow with the
But skyburns on your skin Remain when the clouds are gone And now lost is

You never really wanted me to be a part of you A part of you
You never really let me try and heal this heart of yours Heart of yours
Track Name: Interlude #4
I thought I might hold you just once
But I might hold you twice
I might kiss a million times
But it won't suffice

I know I might sound corny
So I'd better stop my story
But it's hard to be alone it's boring
In my pants

So if you could dwell them with me
A double pair of legs so skinny
And we'd dance and we'd lose our footing
But I'd never step on yours

A pair of feet so tiny
That my friends would say they're chinese
And what's wrong with that
If they take you where I go

Or I could make myself small
So I'd fit inside your pocket
But you'd rather leave me tall & strong
Than weakened in your pocket with your tissues

So, at first I thought I'd hold you once
But I might just hold you twice
I might kiss a million times
But it won't suffice

You know I could hold you stronger
In the arms of slumber
But let's take your time
You're younger and my hunger it will wait
Track Name: Fuck me tender
Fuck me tender, fuck me true
Isn't it the game we all play
At least that's what I play with you
And I'd pleased if you did too

Why don't you voice your suspicions [girl
I just could be a lying thief
Cause when I've plundered your ambitions [in love
There will be blood and disbelief

So fuck me tender, fuck me sweet
Isn't what he meant to sing/say
It won't make our lives complete
But let's pretend cause that's the thing

And now you raise your voice in anger
And claim out loud that I'm a crook
But girl, you pulled yourself the trigger, then
As you were hanging from the hook

Now fuck me tender, fuck me long
Quick is good but it won't rhyme (decently anyway)
Cause in bed is where we belong
I'll give you my heart another time

They say betrayal's unforgivable
But hey, we're dulled with faith & trust
This game is unavoidable
Where they see danger, I see lust [ and I'm blind, I know ]

You're my darling I... make love to you
Don't we play love cause we love to play
Cause I won't make my life with you
But let's pretend that it's okay [with you

Now forgive me lover and fuck me "new"
I'll make amends another day
I'll forget you tenderly it's true
And I......'ll pretend that's it's okay......

(and obviously it's not)
Track Name: Gone with the rain
At 3’ in the morning
Or at night
When the windows are all open
But the sky is blind
Drinking all the moon
That slowly shines
The green within your eyes
Is the green in mine

Your silence is a light
That shines (on me)
It shivers in the night
And I can see
Horses in the sky
That float and flee
Not even a sigh
Is breathing free

When your tears are ink
Out of your head
They’re the greatest writers
I have read
Oh and when they write
Down in my hand/bed
Words are running down
And all in red

But your smile was
Music to my brain
It was the sweetest letter
You ever sent
Never realized
What it really meant
And now it’s gone and wet
Out with the rain
Track Name: Louise
Louise, you say you don't want to cage me
Oh, but I don't want to be free
No, I'd crawl around at your feet
Oh, can't you see that, oh Louise

Louise, let me lick up your wounds, babe
Let me fill up your spoon, and
Let me be your child's baloon
But let me be with you, oh Louise

Louise, I'm sick of the flirting
Now will you take off your shirts
And I don't care if it hurts
But let me feel you, oh Louise

Louise, I'm no good without your hands in my hair
Without your words in my head
Without your little breasts in my hands
I'm no good without you, oh Louise
Track Name: Where are you now
I remember that first time You entrusted your lips to mine
And I entrusted my thirst To your wine
And we drank all night We swallowed all the light
Till the moon it was dull And till the stars wouldn’t shine

And your love it was black As you offered the small of your back
And I was just a coward I should’ve given all that I had
Cause mornings they come too soon And they swallow the moon
Yes they drink its milk And its brave little light

Oh but hey ! Where are you now ? Cause I am here, but where are you now ?

I remember that night The city was smashed with rain
And the sky it was gone Down the drain
I would secretly smell your trust Honor my lungs with your lust
Fill up my emptiness With your dust

You knew well I didn’t have What they call the necessities
And still you enjoyed to give me What is superfluous
I would search for some wisdom As we mingled our breaths
Freedom is all That I would find

Oh but hey ! Where are you now ? Cause I’m here, but where are you now ?
Track Name: Dying with tickles of hope
You, have come to make me blue
And my tears to take a few
It feels like you took my shoes too
And now I’m bare feet in the morning dew
[and it’s cold]
Free, I don’t think I’ll ever be
I may climb up the highest tree
Or swim across the largest sea
My mind is stuck on “you & me”
[and it’s like superglue]
Oh, there’s an itchin’ and it won’t go
Like tickles at the tip of my toes
You keep teasing me and I don’t know
Why you’re so cruel to me, you won’t let go

No, you keep tickling & tickling me so
That I’m dying with giggles so slow
That I’m dying with tickles of hope
Yes I’m dying with tickles of hope
Track Name: Morning sun
Whisper my name
As I smile in your veins
I’ll ease up the pain
Let the tears in my hand
Fear is a game
That you play in the rain
But we all long for the morning sun

O careless flame
There’s a shadow that blows
Your light is ashamed
As it hides in your clothes
Tears are the stains
That you cast on your woes
And we all long for the washing sun
Track Name: Waltz
If you try to be filthy for me
Well I'll try to be healthy for you
But I'm dirty and I drink
You're pretty and sober I think

If you try to be wild for me
Well I'll try to be wise for you
But I'm reckless and live in a cave
You're flawless when it comes to behave

If you could only slow down the pace
Then maybe we could find a place
Where I'd show you all I am
Where hopefully you would do the same
Track Name: Thieves in the trees
There were thieves in the trees
And a fruit in my hand
There were leaves on my skin
And now my bark to your knees

I have no mouth to swallow
What I want to be
My hands are tied in your back
And this is not me, it is not me

Ain’t it moss on our bark
Ain’t it an autumn bird singing here
There once were sparks in the dark
And the apples were not to fear

Now I have no teeth to bite
And I have no mouth to eat them
My hands are tied in your back
And this is not me, it is not me
I’m lost in the way we are now